At the beginning of 2018 we, a small film team, set off together with Marina Trost to realize a very special film project. Its goal was to give the whales and dolphins a voice. 

This heart project took us from the Bosnian Pyramids, via Hawaii, to the Kingdom of Tonga.

On August 11, 2019, after our shooting had been completed, Marina did not return from a dive off the coast of Euas (Tongatapu archipelago, Kingdom of Tonga). Since then she is considered missing.

We as her team want to bring Marina’s unique vision into the world and complete this film.
Please support us in this mission!

Sebastian Jobst (co-writer, director and good friend)

Crowdfunding Campaign


We are the film team that Marina personally put together to help her realize her vision. After her diving accident it is our heart’s desire to finish the film in all its beauty and visionary power.

With you supporting our crowdfunding campaign, we would like to complete this extraordinary film project to honor Marina and bring her deeply positive and necessary vision and art into the world.

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Thank you!

What if a single sound could save the world?

In a world of rapid global changes it is time to change our own consciousness and therefore listen to a very special and mystical voice, that wants to connect with us.


The SONG of the WHALES

A meditative documentary journey to the wise and ancient inhabitants of the seas and their magical singing.
Following a vision she experienced in a meditation, the protagonist Marina Trost is traveling to Hawaii and Tonga with a film crew to sing with the humpback whales. A deeply moving and life changing adventure for herself and the whole team.
What happens if you follow the voice of your heart unconditionally without knowing the result? How deep reaches the meeting with this extraordinary beings and their touching songs? What are they able to move or change within all of us? And is it possible, that this could change the world and maybe even safe it?

How it all started…

A single moment can be the beginning of something extraordinary

“In February 2017 I started a mediation in my apartment in Munich/Germany. I closed my eyes and within a few seconds a very big eye appeared, followed by an incredible beautiful and impressive body of a huge white whale.

‘She’ introduced herself and immediately started to communicate with me.

The next moment I received from her what I call a “download”:

‘We want you to come to us, out on the ocean, sing with us and do a documentary film around it.’

Within one instant she told me what do do, where, when, with whom and why. I saw the whole film in front of my inner eye.

This vision was so strong, so remarkable that I rapidly started to make it a reality by following this instructions step by step.

Everything I’ve experienced ever since I did this meditation not only moved, touched and changed myself deeply, but also the whole AMA’ARA film team.”

Marina, 2019

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This is what AMA’ARA gives:

We are giving a voice to the whales and bringing this voice around the world.
We are offering percentages of the production income.

Sebastian Jobst
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